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Compensation for Forklift Truck Accidents
Compensation for Forklift Truck Accidents

Compensation for Forklift Truck Accidents

Victims of forklift truck accidents can claim personal injury compensation for any pain, suffering and loss of amenity caused, and claim for losses and expenses too.

It’s a common form of workplace compensation claim, and we’ve helped a lot of people over the years claim damages as a victim of this type of incident. In some cases, the victim can be lucky and escape with minor injuries. However, the force of forklift truck accidents can leave people suffering serious and life-changing injuries.

If you’ve suffered injury and loss from a forklift accident, we may be able to help you.

Forklift truck accidents: who pays compensation?

Who actually pays the compensation for forklift truck accidents?

Generally speaking, your employer, or more often than not, their insurance.

You don’t normally pursue the individual responsible for the accident. In law, your employer is vicariously liable for the negligence of their employees. This means the employer is the one liable when the fault lies with an employee.

In essence, the fault of the employee is the fault of the employer.

Is it OK to sue for forklift truck accidents?

Of course it’s OK to claim compensation for forklift truck accidents.

Try not to think of it as a personal thing against your employer. Your employer is responsible for having special insurance to cover them for this kind of accident. When you claim compensation for a workplace accident, all you’re doing is claiming from the insurance that is already in place to cover you.

If your house is burgled, you claim from your insurance. If your house falls down, you claim from your insurance. If you’re injured at work through no fault of your own, you claim from your employer’s insurance.

Claim today for forklift truck accidents

Victims involved in forklift truck accidents can make a claim for personal injury compensation today with our expert lawyers.

We can offer No Win, No Fee arrangements for workplace accident claims.

You can call the team for free, no-obligation help now on 0800 634 75 75. Or, feel free to complete a contact form below and we can get back to you at your convenience.

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